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Prostate enlargement or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) usually begins after the age of 40. Symptoms include frequent urination (particularly at night), hesitancy and impairment of urinary stream.

BPH is caused by a male sex hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). As men get older, DHT gradually accumulate in the prostate gland causing it to slowly enlarge. As the gland grows, it presses the urethra – causing urination and sexual problems.

Results of clinical trials indicate that Saw Palmetto can assist in the relief of symptoms of BPH. Saw Palmetto works by blocking formation of DHT in the prostate. It has been shown to improve residual urine volume and urinary tract symptoms, such as night time urination and poor urine flow. Saw palmetto does not artificially lower PSA levels; hence it is unlikely to mask the presence of prostate cancer. Saw Palmetto is also effective for male-pattern hair loss, a condition caused by DHT accumulation in the scalp.

ProGuard also contains pumpkin seed oil which is a rich source of fatty acids and zinc. A normal human prostate has the highest level of zinc of any soft tissue in the body. Hence, pumpkin seed helps promote normal prostatic function and can also improve the function of the bladder and urethra.

1. Clinically proven Saw Palmetto – SABALSELECT™

ProGuard uses SABALSELECT™, a clinically-proven Saw Palmetto, produced under patent by Italian company, Indena. SABALSELECT™ is extracted using patented process (at Supercritical CO2, 45°C/220 bar). This produces the most active Saw Palmetto extract with 17 types of fatty acids for synergistic effect.

SABALEFFECT™ contains 17 types of fatty acids for optimum synergistic effect
Fatty acids Content (%)
Caproic acid 1.5
Caprylic acid 2.3
Capric acid 2.5
Lauric acid 30.2
Myristic acid 12.0
Palmitic acid 9.5
Stearic acid 1.8
Oleic acid 28.5
Linoleic acid 4.6
Linolenic acid 0.6
Hexacosanol 0.017
Octacosanol 0.146
Tetracosanol 0.004
Triacontanol 0.033
Campesterol 0.07
Stigmasterol 0.03
β-Sitosterol 0.22

The effectiveness of SABALSELECT™ is well-documented by extensive clinical studies in Europe and US. SABALSELECT™ provides relief of symptoms within 2 to 3 months. Studies also showed that SABALSELECT™ Saw Palmetto is as effective as finasteride, the drug commonly prescribed for BPH, but with fewer side effects.

View Clinical Research done on SABALSELECT™

2. Superior potency – comes in ‘liquid’ softgel form

The active part of Saw Palmetto is the fat-soluble components (fatty acids and sterols) found in the berry. Hence, the best way to consume Saw Palmetto is in its original form – ‘liquid’ softgel form, just like other types of fatty acids such as evening primrose oil or fish oil. Converting saw palmetto extracts into tablet or powder (capsule form) will only destroy its fatty acid properties thus severely reduced its effectiveness. In fact, any presentation other than ‘liquid’ softgel form will only deliver very low amount of benefits, sometimes even none. ProGuard is available in ‘liquid’ softgel form and its SABALSELECT™ Saw Palmetto is guaranteed to contain at least 90% of fatty acids.

3. Convenient – Just 2 daily for clinical dosage

Studies indicated a minimum of 320mg of SABALSELECT™ daily for relief of urination problem caused by BPH. 2 softgels of ProGuard daily provides 400mg of SABALSELECT™ (25% more) for faster and more effective results.

4. Equal parts for synergistic effects

ProGuard is formulated with equal parts of SABALSELECT™ Saw Palmetto and Pumpkin Seed (in a ratio of 1:1) for synergistic action.

5. Better and Faster Absorption

Specially prepared in a softgel form to provide fast and better absorption by your body. Easy to swallow

  • Man over 40 years of age
  • Man with urination problems
    – Frequently get up at night to urinate
    – Difficulty in starting urination
    – Weak and slow stream of urine which takes a long time to complete
    – Feeling of need-to-go-again as soon as finishing
    – Having sexual difficulties
  • Man who is losing hair or having male-pattern hair loss

Adults: Take 1 softgel twice daily with meals.

Active Ingredients
SABALSELECT™ (Saw Palmetto extract)200mg
Pumpkin Seed Oil200mg
SABALSELECT™ is a registered trademark of Indena S.p.A, Milano.
Softgel Sample
Pack Size
30s; 60s